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january/february 2020

Dear Graham

Welcome to the year of 2020!

This month marks the second half of the school year and we are excited to continue learning with your students. After a long vacation is always a good time to reflect on the things that worked well and the things that we can make improvements on. 

In looking at the California Dashboard data that was released last month in December, I am proud to announce that we increased in ALL areas!  We are now in the “YELLOW” color for both areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. In addition, we decreased our suspensions schoolwide and  our now in the “Green.” We continue to promote positive school attendance for all of Graham scholars. Our attendance rates have increased greatly from the Red to the “Yellow” but 11.3% of Graham students still remain chronically absent.

For more info on the CA Dashboard Scores:

We have identified that unexcused daily absences continue to affect this dashboard indicator in a negative way.  You may wonder which students are chronically absent? Chronically absent students are absent 10 percent or more of the instructional days that they were enrolled during the school year. Not only does attendance equal dollars from ADA (average daily attendance), but it equals learning, growth, rigor, engagement…If students are absent it increases the odds that they will lack the skills needed for their grade-level.

We applaud our 91 scholars who had perfect attendance and no tardies for the 1st Trimester. This time we not only celebrated our students, but we also celebrated their guardians with a small gift as we recognize that parents/guardians work really hard to get their students to school daily. If your child is not able to attend school you must notify us right away, each day. You can call us or email the main office directly. In addition, please notify us well in advance (at least 5 school days) if your student needs to request short-term independent study. As a school we will continue our school-wide efforts and rewards that promote positive student attendance. A BIG congratulations to our attendance class winners thus far:

  • Ms. Kolf’s 5th grade class
  • Mr. Mann’s 1st grade class
  • Mrs. Sepulveda’s 5th/6th grade class 
  • Mrs. Villo’s 4th grade class

In Partnership,

Ms. Byrd, Principal